Visual marketing tips and tools from Grace Taylor Segal

Visual Marketing Tips and Tools

The following interview is with our guest Grace Taylor Segal, the founder of Maverick Communications, a marketing agency in La Quinta, CA. Grace is an online entrepreneur and educator, and she specializes in training in visual content design that makes it really simple, quick, and easy. I love what she’s doing because we’re all super busy but the need to … [Read more...]

4 Steps to Building a List on Facebook

This is a preview of our weekly program with Sherri-Lee Woychik. Most businesses are using Facebook today, but it can be really challenging to get great results from it because of the reduced visibility of your posts. I know the reach on the Spark Your Profits Facebook fan page has dropped dramatically <insert shameless plug or maybe just a simple … [Read more...]

Which social media network is “right” for you?

Which social media network is -right-

This is a very cool and unique guest post from Susan Shangle, who is presenting a great program on Google+ for business this week. She's cleverly created her guest post as a Google+ embed! Susan Shangle is the founder of netFatuation, which helps women overcome their fears of technology, empowering them to build businesses and improve their lives. She's … [Read more...]

7 Copywriting Tips for Business Owners

7 Copywriting Tips for Business Owners

The following guest post comes to us courtesy of Christina Boyes, of Rusmexus Writers, who is an expert copywriter that I've been working with for over two years now on various projects. Copywriting is a fascinating field, and includes a lot more than words – many writers spend more time pouring over statistics than writing the actual content. But it … [Read more...]

Instagram purges fake followers and the importance of being real


When Instagram announced it had grown to 300 million users (from 200 million a mere 9 months before), they also declared they would be continuing efforts to keep Instagram spam free by purging fake accounts. I see this as a great move for Instagram’s business users. Fake followers don’t help your business because they are never going to be your … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Copywriters to Market Your Content


The following post comes to us courtesy of Christina Boyes, of Rusmexus Writers, who is an expert copywriter that I've been working with for over two years now on various projects. The best marketing is free, and one of the perks of hiring a writer is that many will happily promote their efforts, free of charge. If your website uses content that you … [Read more...]

Top 5 tools to help you get the most out of Twitter (and they’re all free)


This is a guest post from Katt Stearns, who has a great program on Twitter 101 that will be broadcasting from Friday, December 12th at noon EST through Monday, December 15th on Spark Your Profits. Be sure to tune in for the program because she gives some great tips whether you're a Twitter beginner or a more experienced user. She'll walk you through using … [Read more...]

Custom Google Analytics Social Media Dashboard

google analytics social media dashboard

When you're using social media to promote your business, it's really important to have a quick snapshot of what kind of results you are getting from your efforts. I created this custom Google Analytics Social Media Dashboard to accompany Penney Fox's great program about how to focus on the most important social media daily tasks that will give you the best … [Read more...]

Why you should set up a social media listening station using Twitter

social media listening station

Social media is actually nothing new. It’s been around for 2500 years, as Kurt Scholle from Web Asylum points out in his program on How to Set Up a Listening Station Using Twitter. Social media is all about having conversations, like the ones we’ve had around the water cooler for decades. It’s simply about communicating with and engaging other people. To … [Read more...]